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Hatching a Huntress: Year Anniversary of Hunting

I got my first license renewal notice at the beginning of the month. Instead of groaning and rolling my eyes at the thought of something else I had to add to my list of things to-do; I got incredibly excited! I purchased my first Sportsman’s license about a year ago just a day or two… Continue reading Hatching a Huntress: Year Anniversary of Hunting

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Roamin’ to Wyomin’: Why Wyoming & Why Antelope?

This post explores how we decided on traveling to Wyoming to hunt antelope. Read on to learn more about our first step on our road to Wyoming, choosing the location and the animal!

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First Lite Tag Soup Sale Purchases and Review

First Lite’s annual Tag Soup Sale is on and I took advantage of the deals that the company offered! Read on to see what I got and my thoughts on the gear. Disclaimer about my reviews can be found in the Meet Brooke section of my blog.