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Roamin’ to Wyomin’: Series Introduction

This post introduces our journey to Wyoming, our first ever travel hunt where we are figuring everything out on our own!

Hatching a Huntress Series, Hunting, Ongoing Series

Hatching a Huntress: Why I Hunt

Before I began to hunt, I didn’t understand why people hunted. People may have different reasons why they hunt but this post explores some of the main reasons of why I hunt.

Gear Reviews

Women’s Cascade Stormlight Jacket Review

Recently I purchased the First Lite women’s Cascade rain jacket. This post reviews the product. Disclaimer on my reviews can be found in “About Brooke.” Read on to find out more!

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Reflections From My First Deer Season

2017 deer season has officially come to a close. This post explores my reflections on my first season, what I learned, and how it will impact my 2018 season. Read on to find out more! (Warning: content may contain pictures of blood and dead animals.)

Hatching a Huntress Series, Ongoing Series

Hatching a Huntress: How I got into hunting

I find I’m often met with people who are shocked by the fact that I hunt. Regardless if that is because of their own views on hunting and hunters, if it’s shocking that I, as a female, hunt and enjoy hunting, or if I just don’t have that stereotypical “hunter” look. This post discusses how I got into hunting and is a part of my series “Hatching a Huntress.”