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Hatching a Huntress: How I got into hunting

I find I’m often met with people who are shocked by the fact that I hunt. Regardless if that is because of their own views on hunting and hunters, if it’s shocking that I, as a female, hunt and enjoy hunting, or if I just don’t have that stereotypical “hunter” look. This post discusses how I got into hunting and is a part of my series “Hatching a Huntress.”


2018 Archery Mid Season Recap: “Rut-cation”

Mid-season archery is when hunting really picked up for me. Read on to experience the highs and lows of public land hunting in Pisgah National Forest, half marathon, and coming back from injury!

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2018 Early Archery Season Recap: High Expectations

The end of the first archery season also marked the end of sitting in my stand I call High Expectations. Read on to hear about my hunt, what else was going on at the end of summer/early fall and what realizations I had about this hunting season!

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High Expectations: WNC 2018 Whitetail Early Season Set-up

2018 WNC whitetail season is now literally right around the corner. After my original location where I was going to hang a stand fell through, Tyler helped me find my early season stand location. Read on to find out how I decided on the spot I will hunt in the early season.

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NC Candid Critter Volunteer Experience: Deployment 7 Set-up & Pick Up

Our seventh three week deployment for the NC Candid Critter Project is complete! Check this post out to see some of the things that we caught on our cameras for our seventh deployment.