Meet Brooke


I’m Brooke and I did not grow up hunting or in a family that hunts. I began hunting in the spring of 2017 after watching my boyfriend hunt for several years.

As a new hunter, I’m encountering many experiences for the first time. I’m learning lessons the hard way and I’m navigating a sport that is male dominated. I want to be a good ambassador for hunting and for me that means sharing my real honest experiences and opinions.

I started this blog after my first harvest to help me process the emotions I was feeling. I want to write about my experiences but also about things I wanted to read when I started hunting, from gear reviews to recipes and everything in-between. I hope my writing inspires others to challenge themselves to hunt or to think about hunting from a different perspective.

Get to know me and my journey into hunting further by reading my “Hatching a Huntress” series.

I am not sponsored. All gear reviews are my honest opinion, and the gear been personally paid for with no affiliate links.