NC Candid Critter Volunteer Experience: Deployment 5 Set-up & Pick Up

For our fifth deployment with the NC Candid Critter project we stayed in Madison County and this time we scouted a side of Mill Ridge that we’ve yet to explore. If you still haven’t heard of this awesome citizen science run project and you are thinking about getting involved, check out my first post on our experience with the NC Candid Critter project.

This time we decided to pick spots off of Mill Ridge Trail. When we deployed our fourth set of cameras we noticed more reptile(snake) activity and since we’ve decided to hang cameras through the warmer months not too far off of trails that aren’t too overgrown. Personally, I know snakes have their place in nature and we are venturing into their home however, they still creep me out and we had a few close calls last deer hunting season and it still makes my skin crawl, or should I say slither…

Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 5.52.12 PM
Map imaging of Mill Ridge/Cook Branch from ScoutLook Weather.

My spot was maybe 25 yards off of the trail. It looked incredibly promising with game trails coming up and from the trail we could see trails coming down as well. Once again, during the deployment bears did find my camera. These bears were also quite curious as to what was hanging off a tree and decided to play with the camera. This time they skewed the camera a couple of times and compromised what could have been a good spot. Still I think that there was valuable data captured for the NC Candid Critters Project.

After we picked up our fifth deployment we promptly got in the car and headed off for our sixth deployment! In the slideshow below are some of the pictures on my camera from our fifth deployment


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Stay tuned for sixth deployment and more information on NC Candid Critter “data deserts!”

3 thoughts on “NC Candid Critter Volunteer Experience: Deployment 5 Set-up & Pick Up”

  1. Hi Brooke, Candid Critters here! We are so glad you’ve been enjoying the project, and we really hope that you continue to be involved in our discovery of NC wildlife! Great blog, great topics, good layout 🙂


    1. Thanks so much Candid Critters Team! We’ve had so much fun being volunteers for the project and are excited to start launching more camera’s with our seventh deployment.


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