NC Candid Critter Volunteer Experience: Deployment 3 Set-up & Pick Up

For our third deployment with the NC Candid Critter project we decided to head back to Madison County’s areas of Pisgah National Forest. If you haven’t heard of this awesome citizen science run project check out my first post on our experience with the NC Candid Critter project.

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 5.19.22 PM.png
Map imaging from Scoutlook Weather of Polecat Holler.

Since I sprained my ankle pretty severely a few days after the start of turkey season, we limited ourselves to a few spots that were located along a road called Polecat Holler. We picked two spots that were literally just off of the road. We weren’t sure how much game we’d get on either of our cameras since they were just off of this road and we were unfamiliar with the area.

We were very excited to see what we may “trap” on our cameras since we had never scouted these areas. The three week deployment flew by. We stayed incredibly busy with our families, the end of school for Tyler, and work for me. He graduated the day before we picked up cameras and I could not be prouder of him for accomplishing an Undergraduate degree.

Eating lunch after graduation.

We picked up my camera first. I had 450 pictures! I couldn’t believe it and could not wait until we got home to check out what was on my camera. We picked up Tyler’s camera next and even though initially his spot seemed promising based on the geographic terrain of his deployment site, he only had pictures of him setting the camera and picking up the camera.  Although I know this felt like a let down for him, it is still valuable information for the Candid Critters Team!

In the slideshow below are some of the pictures on my camera. There were once again some very curious deer as have been on my cameras on past deployment!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Stay tuned as we are launching our fourth deployment tomorrow in another area of the Pisgah National Forest!

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