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Roamin’ to Wyomin’: Series Introduction

We are about eight months away from going to Wyoming to (hopefully) hunt antelope. This series will explore our journey from how we picked where we are hunting, where we will be flying, to how we plan on getting meat home. If you’ve ever thought of doing a travel hunt this will be a must read for you! We plan on being honest and open about the challenges we face and the processes we end up going through. Join us on our journey and subscribe to not miss a post!

4 thoughts on “Roamin’ to Wyomin’: Series Introduction”

  1. This is great stuff Brooke. I just came across your blog today and will be following along. I am particularly interested in this series – I’ve never been to antelope country and never seen one but for some reason and fascinated beyond reason with the species and they are top on my list of dream hunts. So I’m looking forward to seeing how your hunt goes in September.

    I was going to leave this comment on your “Meet Brooke” page but there are no comment fields there. Have you read the book Call of the Mild by Lily Raff McCaulou?


    1. Thanks Paul! I hope you continue to find the series informative. I have not read the book Call of the Mild. Would you recommend it?


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