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Women’s Cascade Stormlight Jacket Review

Recently, I purchased the First Lite Women’s Cascade Stormlight Jacket from Black Ovis.

If you aren’t familiar with the company First Lite, you should be. Their products are field tested by outdoors men and women, fisherman and hunters. They pride themselves on creating simple gear that is meant to perform in all conditions. I personally like the fact that they use merino wool in many of their products. Merino wool is odor free and helps your body regulate temperature in both the warm and the cold.

In 2017, First Lite announced that they would be moving to a direct buy model where customers would buy directly from their website. Because of this, websites like Black Ovis have discounted their products immensely. This product discount was enough to tempt me into buying the Cascade Stormlight Jacket in a small in their First Lite Fusion print.


This jacket is incredibly lightweight. The website says it’s only 12 oz. but I was still floored by how light it was when I first unpackaged the jacket. Although it is light it still protects from the wind and rain while remaining breathable.


I appreciate the adjustable cuffs on the sleeves. I can adjust based on how many layers I wear underneath the jacket. This allows me to adjust temperature for late turkey or middle deer season.


The trademarked 3D Turret hood is AMAZING! It adjusts from the back so there are no adjustable elements that touch my face or hinder my field of view. Unlike most rain jackets, when adjusted the hood moves with my head giving me the ability to see everything around me.


I love the way the jacket is cut too. It has the “shooters cut” which allows plenty of room in the shoulders for drawing a bow or shooting a rifle. The jacket also comes down lower in the back ensuring coverage of the back while glassing or sitting in a stand.


I love that First Lite maintains the same quality of their men’s gear in their women’s line without adding “feminine” color or frills. It’s truly gear meant to perform.


My only qualm about this jacket is the fit in the hips. It may be because I’m shorter or because I have curvy hips but, I find the fit around my hips is very tight even though it’s very comfortable everywhere else. I’ve ordered a small in all of my First Lite women’s gear and I thought the Cascade Stormlight would be no different. I think the medium may be too large and I do intend to keep the small but my only constructive comment for First Light would be to allow more room in the hip area.

IMG_2390.jpgIf you’re interested in First Lite’s products, now is the time to buy! They are currently running their annual Tag Soup Sale offering 20 – 40% off of their products. They will also be coming out with over 30 new products available for preorder in the coming months.

Photo credit goes to my boyfriend, you rock babe!

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